Improve your outdoor practice and provision with Nursery World's online conference

Outdoor Play: Priorities, provision and practice is on 23 and 24 November from 3pm to 6pm and on demand for three months after the event.

Interest in outdoor play has soared since the start of the pandemic, as early years settings moved most of their provision outside during lockdown and now plan to prioritise outdoor learning in future.

Everything a child can learn indoors, they can learn outdoors, but outdoor play has qualities that cannot be afforded inside: it can be freer, calmer, more adventurous, healthier, louder, larger in scale… So, what does outdoor play actually look like? And what is involved in maximising its potential for young children’s learning and development?

This conference aims to reflect on best practice and the essentials of provision by: 

  • drawing on lessons from the past, particularly in child health and nature pedagogy
  • considering the strengths, weaknesses and variety within current practice and provision
  • looking to the future, to assess priorities in the years ahead – such as sustainability – and how to deliver on them

Over the two days, delegates will hear a range of presentations from leading experts on outdoor play and case studies showcasing different approaches:

  • Renowned outdoor play expert Professor Jan White on the true nature of outdoor play and the key principles underpinning it
  • The power of nature pedagogy, with international consultant Niki Buchan
  • Creative approaches to outdoor provision on a limited budget from Julie Mountain
  • Rethinking attitudes to widen access to outdoor play for all children
  • Why we need to focus on health and well-being post-Covid lockdowns
  • Connecting urban settings to nature
  • Incorporating sustainability into early years pedagogy
  • Innovative case studies, including deep-level learning at a nursery school and a week at an outdoor nursery

For more information and to book tickets, visit

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