The way we raise and educate our children today is unrecognisable compared to how it was approached in the 19th century. Over the last 150 years these changes have often been led and revolutionised by a handful of great pioneers. You can find out more about the foremost of these below.

Following in Froebel’s footsteps

When I re-trained to become a nursery teacher I became acquainted and fascinated by Froebel’s ideas and how they linked to my own life experiences and teaching. His work has had a major influence on my subsequent career.

Pioneers: Plowden, Rumbold, Ball

We look at how the reports authored and championed by Sir Christopher Ball, Lady Bridget Plowden and Dame Angela Rumbold influenced education policy.

Pioneers: Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky?

Here, we take a closer look at Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky, two of the most in uential gures in the history of early childhood education whose in uence is still felt today.

Pioneers: Donaldson and Malaguzzi

Margaret Donaldson and Loris Malaguzzi came from very different cultures and backgrounds, but had a similar passion for ensuring that the natural abilities of children were at the heart of early years practice.

Pioneers: Dahlberg and Moss

We take look at the work of Gunilla Dahlberg and Peter Moss, both of whom take a post-modern approach to early years learning, policy and provision for both children and families.

Pioneers: Pestalozzi and Montessori

We take look at the work and influence of Johann Pestalozzi and Maria Montessori, both of whom continue to have a major influence on early years education and learning.

Pioneers: Trevarthen and Paley

We take a look at the work and in uence of Colwyn Trevarthen and Vivian Gussin Paley, two current researchers whose observations have led to a greater understanding of play

Pioneers: Steiner and Weikart

We take a look at the impact of two pioneers whose work continues to have a direct in uence on the education of young children: Rudolf Steiner and Dr David Weikart.

Pioneers: Chris Athey and John Dewey

Here, we look at two progressive educators whose work exerts a major influence on current early years thinking and practice: Chris Athey and John Dewey.

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